Did 2015 do as it was told?

Tomorrow, I will make my predictions for Brockley's year ahead. But before I do, here's how my predictions for 2015 performed.

My first prediction was that there would be more good news for Brockley Cross:

"We think The Brockley Deli will deliver a fillip to the Cross. There is a vacant unit ready to occupy and another that is currently being refurbished."

Thanks to this year's Newcomer of the Year, Masala Wala, that's one solid point.

My second prediction was that "at least one of the area's existing restaurateurs is ready to give up the ghost and free up a restaurant unit for someone with a clue. Two new restaurants in 2015."

No restaurants closed although many of the old guard improved their offer, but there was a wealth of new restaurants - Noak, Longhorn, Paranhodu and of course Masala Wala. Another solid point.

My third prediction was that "2015 will be the year that Brockley gets a gym. That requires something substantial to get built or refurbished... This is our outside bet for 2015."

Unfortunately, we can't start our new year's resolutions in a Brockley gym, but in November, Mourad popped up to reveal that he is planning to open a gym in midtown. Given that this was a punt, and that another new gym is opening down the hill in Thurston Central, I think that's worth at least half a point.

My fourth prediction was that: "Something other than the usual bar / cafe / shop / restaurant / salon will be opened in Brockley. Something strange and wonderful." Not sure how to score myself on this one. In Deptford, we got a jerk restaurant and gallery under an archway - that's the sort of miscellany I imagined for Brockley, but despite all the cool stuff that cropped up, none of it was exotic. But for the yoga studio that opened in June and the furniture upcycler that opened in Spring, I'll give myself half a point.

My final prediction of 2015 was that construction work on a major development on Mantle Road would begin. It didn't - although there has been plenty of development work elsewhere. This one is just a matter of time, but that doesn't earn me a point.

So three points out of a possible five and all five predictions were thematically on the right track, even if they didn't materialise quite the way I imagined. 2016 predictions on the way...