Naughty Bus

Rebecca wants help bringing a bus to justice. She writes:

Last Thursday, our car was parked overnight at the end of Harefield Road, near the sorting office. When we went to the car at about 1:30pm, it had obviously been hit by a bus. There was red fibre glass everywhere and the wheel was bent out.

The bodywork only looked mildly scraped, but it could not be driven as something connecting the wheel had been bent. Basically the whole steering system has been damaged and £600 in, the car is still not driving properly.

We believe this was a 484 and have spoken to the bus depot in Camberwell, as well as the bus company that runs the route and the police. So far, we have got nowhere. Apparently, this sort of thing happens a lot but with no witnesses or number plate, we have no insurance cover.

We are therefore appealing for anyone who may have been on the 484 travelling along Harefield Mews between 4:30am and 1:30pm on Thursday 21st January, who may have witnessed a bus hit a silver convertible Audi A4. Or for people to contact us with similar experiences, so we can put pressure on those responsible to take more care.

If anyone has any relevant information, please contact me here.