Retail graveyard: More towers to replace Lewisham big boxes

South East London blog From The Murky Depths reckons that Loampit Vale's last retail sheds could soon be gone, to be replaced by more tall buildings. They write:

A scoping report is looking at a 25 storey tower on the Carpet Right site with 260 flats. Early plans, which are in no way final, see a public space on the street corner called ‘station square’, with a new western station entrance.

At the larger site over the road at Lewisham Retail Park, the applicant is looking at buildings which max out at 26 storeys and have a total of 525 flats.

4000 square metres of commercial space would be present. It would be surrounded by towers.

These plans are welcome. Having single-level warehouse style retail sheds directly beside a major station in zone 2 is a nonsense. London needs far higher density housing by transport interchanges, particularly in inner London.