Masala Wala Cafe - Best Newcomer 2015

Congratulations to Masala Wala Cafe, winner of the Brockley Central Newcomer of the Year Award in the most competitive field since the award's inception in 2009.

With 15 new high street businesses in this year's competition, the Pakistani restaurant collected 31% of the vote, putting it in first place, ahead of Ladywell butcher Heckstall & Smith and Crofton Park deli Jones of Brockley, each earning 19% of the vote.

Masala Wala is a worthy winner - charming, cool and delicious. They have made a virtue of limited space, to create an intimate environment, which always feels festive.

The victory is the second consecutive victory for Brockley Cross businesses, after The Brockley Deli collected the award in 2014 - a feat that would have seemed impossible only a few years ago.

Masala Wala's Saima writes:

Thanks to all for voting for us, really means everything and keeps us pushing to provide a service in the area. 11 months ago we were handed the keys to a disused dry cleaners on Brockley Cross, about to embark on our first family business and here we are! 

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