Crofton Park commuters launch campaign for better trains

If the recent slew of positive stories about transport infrastructure in South East London have taught us one thing, it's that Crofton Park Station and the Thameslink services that rattle through it are at the top of no-one's to-do list.

The Catford Loop line rarely gets mentioned in any talk of upgrades or restructures and the line's poor capacity, frequency and reliability are such that unless you work in Blackfriars or Denmark Hill, then a walk to Honor Oak or Brockley stations is often a better better bet.

Thus, a new petition has been launched by Crofton Park residents who have "had enough" and want the line to be treated as a priority. They say:

Residents of Crofton Park and the surrounding areas have come together to call for change from Thameslink. We've done our research - looking at timetables from the 1950s we have discovered that today there are fewer, less frequent trains despite the growth in commuter numbers. 

There are 36% more passengers than just 4 years ago - but no improvement in trains, the timetable, and even worse performance. We want to see:

- a reliable service, an end to frequent delays
- 8 carriages on all trains in the morning and evening peaks
- 4 trains per hour each way in the morning and evening peaks

Click here to sign the petition or attend the public meeting on Saturday 6th February from 3pm at the Rivoli with Brockley MP Vicky Foxcroft.