Crime in Brockley: Completely average

Via the Blackheath Bugle, BC has been checking out the Metropolitan Police's swanky new crime maps. (Follow the link, then put your postcode in to see the results for Brockley - sorry, we can't find a way of linking directly to the local map).

The vast swathes of yellow you'll see indicate that most of the area is totally and utterly average in its crime statistics. There's a spike in activity around Lewisham town centre, which is fairly predictable, and several parts of central Peckham are also 'red' zones. St Johns is apparently a low-crime area, as is Honour Oak Park, while the western side of Telegraph Hill, around Nunhead, is higher than average.

What do BC readers think - does this reflect your experience of crime in south-east London?


Richard Elliot said...

I feel pretty safe in Brokcers. I've never felt physically intimidated.

I haveve seen a bit of low level anti-social behaviour / kids causing a bit of trouble. Some of my neighbours have had their car broken into twice by people on scooters.

It would be interesting to see if the map allowed you to see the statistics over time. Friends who lived in Brockley 10 years ago said crime rates used to higher back then.

Definitely worse places to live. Touch wood.

Anonymous said...

I agree, for the most part I have felt safe in Lewisham. I wonder how much crime goes unreported though e.g. car break ins, graffiti etc.

The Cat Man said...

Interestingly, A massive proportion of 'west hampstead' is in a 'high' crime area.

I assume burglaries, but compared to Brockers I know exactly where I would like to be - right here!

Anonymous said...

apparently the levels are high in blackheath and above average in Lee Manor.

bagelmouse said...

I'm tickled - I apparently now live in a lower crime area than when I lived in supposedly genteel Muswell Hill!

Anonymous said...

Don't be too pleased with yourselves. Pride before a fall and al that.

Richard said...

As a kid I was mugged in Bromley, Peckham and Streatham but I have never really felt threatened in Brockley, even as a kid. I think the area has had an image problem in the past, but has always actually been relatively safe.

tyrwhitt ali said...

I moved to Brockley four months ago and I've not experienced any problems in Brockley that time - touch wood. Only bad experience was on a train back to Lewisham late at night when some random bloke thought a good way to introduce himself would be to a kiss me on my bare arm! Thankfully a knight in shining armour came to my aid.

Headhunter said...

Ali - Are you sure that wasn't Hugh?

I've certainly never experienced crime here in Brockley. Been hassled for change, once fairly aggressively outside St John's station. However I have a friend in the area who has been mugged twice, once in the station and once on Wickham Rd.

I'm not surprised that West Hampstead has higher than average crime - Hampstead it may be, but from what I've seen, genteel it ain't. I think in general north London probably has worse crime than the south or south east possibly because of higher population density. Well it certainly seems busier up in north London

Anonymous said...

What is the average, a high number of crimes could be the average.

Looking at two areas in Lewisham one had 6 crimes the other 4 and they both are regarded as average.

Looking at those figures there can't be much difference in actual crimes between 'average', 'below average' and 'low'.

What are the figures for a red patch in Lewisham?

Jackie said...

That sounds about right to me. I lived in the "west of Telegraph Hill, around Nunhead" area and was burgled twice in 3 years. But friends who lived on the "right side of the tracks" (conservation area) I don't think have ever been burgled.

I always saw more yellow scare signs in the conservation area, and around Brockley Cross, than I ever did near Nunhead/Honor Oak estate way though.

tj said...

BBC are commenting on these maps on their news page - turns out red blips are police stations - when s/one is searched at a police station and drugs or offensive weapons are found, the crime 'occurs' at the police station, and is logged as such

Richard said...

Having said I'd never had much reason to feel intimidated in Brockley in the past, I yesterday caught two guys in the alleyway behind Jam Circus rifling through a purse they had clearly stolen!

They didn't bat an eyelid, but soon scarpered when they heard the police sirens. Turned out the lady who's purse it was had also had her house burgled in May.

Still feeling safe, but a pinch of reality - Brockley is not so crime free after all.

Brockley Kate said...

Looking in more detail at those figures, I note that Brockley as a ward has a gradually increasing year-on-year trend for burglary, robbery and vehicle crime:
2005/06: 645
2006/07: 694
2007/08: 711

Speaking of vehicle crime, does anyone here have particular problems with it on their roads? Friends locally have told me it's a regular occurrance in their area - mostly cars being broken into overnight. They think it's one particular gang of little scrotes who are responsible.
Has ayone else noticed this?

Headhunter said...

Perhaps the year on year increase in burglary is due to the steady increase in affluence in the area. An increase in relatively wealthy central London commuters means houses and flats regularly empty at regular times during the day and probably filled with goodies like flat screen TVs and nice stereo equipment. No idea about car crime.

tj said...

Notice it regularly on my morning dog walks - last week there was three one morning in Thyrwitt alone - usually the rear passenger small fixed window.

Seen it the last three years though on all streets in the conservation area but especially Breakspears, Tresillian, and Thyrwitt. I don't hink they are taking anything - just vandalising

patrick1971 said...

"Speaking of vehicle crime, does anyone here have particular problems with it on their roads? Friends locally have told me it's a regular occurrance in their area - mostly cars being broken into overnight."

Interesting you should mention it. I was walking home from Ladywell Station along Chudleigh Road last week and saw a couple putting cardboard and tape over their car window, which had clearly been smashed (driver's window IIRC).

drakefell debaser said...

I haven’t witnessed any car crime but I got held at fork point by two youths in balaclavas and hoodies on UTH Park last year. My girlfriend and I decided to have an evening picnic when these two claiming to be armed with a gun and from ‘Peckham innit’ approached us demanding our mobile phones. Having refused one of the herbets picked a fork we had used and threatened to stab me. Evening picnics are now confined to the garden.

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