Brockley Central salutes: Greenwich

What would we do without our tourist-friendly neighbour?

Greenwich town centre itself has changed in recent years, selling some of its soul and caving in to chain bars and restaurants, pushing out our pie shops, but there is still much to be thankful for. When you’ve exhausted Brockley’s limited supply of restaurants, or you want something just that little bit more grown-up; when you fancy a spot of retail therapy but don’t want to get on a train, or want something a little more unique - there is always Greenwich. An abundance of facilities that we often long for in Brockley, and all only a brisk stroll away.

There is one part of Greenwich especially that makes us happy: Royal Hill. Still seemingly untouched by the commercial heart of Greenwich, a road that packs in pretty much every lazy weekend destination we could hope for. A decent cafĂ© or two, numerous pubs including a great microbrewery, a butchers, a deli, even a cheese shop. All shamelessly middle class, perhaps, but so are Brockley’s latest additions.

At the weekend, we got to sample this side of Greenwich at its best. Without even touching the main market square, and hence avoiding the crowds, we managed to enjoy a cracking meal at our new favourite gastropub The Hill, and then take in Batman at the Picturehouse - a cinema where the staff are all enthusiastic about the films, the seats lean back properly, and you can take your drinks in from the bar. Perfect.

What are your favourite bits of Greenwich?