Snake's on a train?

There are so many "cat missing" signs adorning Brockley lamp-posts that we've always been surprised no-one's ever sent us a request to help find their lost pets. Until now.

Friend of BC, Muireann writes:

One of my neighbours (near Crofton Park station, flats above shop parade on west side of Brockley road opposite Mr Lawrence) has lost his pet snake! 'Flea' escaped in the early hours of Tuesday through the front flat window and hopefully has not strayed too far. My neighbour stresses that while quite large, Flea is harmless and has no fangs, venom or anything dangerous to be afraid of. The council and the RSPCA have been informed, but if anyone sees Flea please call 07745 215457.

Whether the missing snake and the slew of missing cats are connected is not clear.