100 days of vicissitude

We read this paean to Boris Johnson's leadership as Mayor of London over the weekend. What we found most striking was that at almost no point did the initial article or any of the gushing responses mention anything that he's actually done during his tenure. So here is our list of his more eye-catching moves - have you noticed any changes, good people of Brockley?

· Scrapped C02 charge - the £25 charge for gas guzzlers using central London

· Hired and fired Ray Lewis

· Hired and fired James McGrath

· Appointed Kulveer Ranger as transport adviser. Ranger promptly signaled that pedestrians, cyclists and buses will no longer be given priority over cars in London planning issues

· Scrapped the plan to pedestrianise Westminster Square (a world heritage site) and create a major new public space, preferring to keep it as a traffic roundabout. A plan to create a new boulevard along Victoria Embankment is also set to be dropped

· Appointed an advisor to find out which football club wants to move in to the Olympic Stadium (the answer, as has been known for months, is none) and discovered the answer is none

· Acknowledged that the modern Routemaster design he was so fond of during his campaign was little more than a napkin scribble, by announcing a competition to design... a modern Routemaster

· Banned alcohol on the tube, bringing a notional end to drunks on the underground

· Merged Design for London in to the LDA, with the result that Peter Bishop, DfL Director, said that he expected most DfL projects to continue but some small schemes may be “shed or wound up”. Design for London was a key source of potential funding for projects like the improvement of Brockley Cross, Brockley Road, Ladywell Village and Lewisham Way