The BXAG reaction to the Brockley Cross tour

One quick follow-up to our report of the tour of Brockley Cross with Cllr Alexander. Des Kirkland, of the Brockley Cross Action Group (BXAG) wrote to us with his verdict:

"From the perspective of the Brockley Cross Action Group the visit by the Deputy Mayor Heidi Alexander is an indication that the council is taking seriously the concerns of the local community that Brockley has a range of issues which require resolution. These include public safety and traffic regulation.

"Heidi appeared genuinely interested in the points raised during the walkabout and the unfortunate accident of one of her officers brought home clearly the problems we had raised about poor pavements. We reiterated outstanding concerns that Heidi was already aware of, like shop signage, Speedicars is a case in point. The longstanding safety concerns with the double roundabout at the Cross. Improving the area around the station, both in terms of public safety and the traffic issue.

"We also flagged up issues that the BXAG and local residents are familiar with but she would not necessarily have been previously aware of, like the wish to improve the range of retail outlets in the locality, a clampdown on illegal and anti-social activities including drug dealing. It was made very clear to Heidi that the both residents and groups like the BXAG are committed to the long term improvement of Brockley and with the coming of the East London line this is the best area of the Borough for the council to invest in."