The Tea Factory Gallery moves ahead

The last time we wrote about the gallery, the negotations that between Tea Leaf Arts (the community gallery enterprise), Lewisham Council (which drew up the S106 agreement which paved the way for the gallery) and the developer DPS, revolved around the developer being refused permission for the building to be occupied until one of three options to make the gallery viable was agreed:

1) An extension to the rent-free period by a minimum of 6 months
2) The payment by DPS to Tea Leaf Arts of the money needed to fit the unit out
3) The unit to be fitted out by DPS prior to occupancy

Of these, option 3 seemed the most sensible and the most likely to enable the gallery to open as soon as possible. We're pleased to be able to report that it's the option that's been agreed. During the recent Brockley Cross walkabout, Cllr Alexander agreed to find out what was going on with the gallery and here's the correspondence we received as a result:

"There have been ongoing discussions with the developer, Tea Leaf Arts (the 'Nominated Occupier') and the Council for some time now regarding the gallery space at 100-104 Endwell Road (also known as the TeaFactory). The Council has written to the developer confirming our position that until the unit is provided in a 'reasonable state' for occupation and the lease has been signed, the residential units within the scheme should not be occupied.

"The Developer has recently confirmed that they are willing to undertake a number of improvements to the existing shell that would enable Tea Leaf Arts to occupy and commence trading from the gallery unit. Tea Leaf Arts have been provided with a copy of the final lease and a request to sign the lease and send it back as soon as possible."