Lewisham Way plot sold

As the housing market heats up again, some of the area's last remaining residential development opportunities are beginning to show signs of life. Richard writes:

A building plot in the conservation area sold this week at auction (Lot 35) for £310,000. 

It is the 'land at the rear' of 170 Lewisham Way. Someone subdivided their garden a few years ago and sold it off. The site was given planning permission for a 3 bed house back in 2003

The land was sold again in 2005. No building on the site was ever undertaken and the previous permission has lapsed. 

The site had a lot of fly tipping on it until recently, but was cleared up prior to selling and is now a empty. I'd expect to see a planning application being submitted in the next few months. It could prove controversial as it may be considered a mews location.