Permit to travel

Residents living in a CPZ who are fed up with ordering permits online or over the phone can now enjoy the convenience of buying them in person from Lewisham Library. The Council explains:

Although parking permits for those living in a CPZ (controlled parking zone) are now purchased online or by telephone, residents can now buy visitor parking permits in cash from Lewisham Library.

In addition, to avoid some mobile phone users being charged at higher rates, the parking service has changed its number from an 0845 number to 020 8787 5397. When residents do not know the details of their visitor’s vehicle, scratch cards are also available for purchase. Residents will also continue to be able to purchase visitor parking permits online, by telephone using their credit card, or by post using a cheque or postal order.

You're welcome, Lewisham!


Guesty said...

Thankfully there are no CPZ's in Brockley (Brockley proper) and long may it continue.

Anonymous said...

The dreaded CPZ. Just seeing it makes me cringe. I hope this parking tax never makes it in Brockley. It would certainly kill my business as clients come to me.

Ian Culshaw said...

This is the second reason I moved to Brockley, if this goes, I may as well live in Islington!

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