The Brockley Brewery Open Day

As Jam Circus becomes the latest to welcome the Brockley Brewery's beers to its taps, this is a chance to go inside the beer belly of the beast itself tomorrow.


myround said...

Aha! It is on their website

London, SE14 2AJ

So nice to see this beer on sale at the Jam Circus.

Beer starts losing its good taste as soon as it is brewed, so a supplier that is based a few hundred yards away is ideal.

Brockleylion said...

Se4 2aj

Brockley Jon said...

Anyone go? Will make the next one, promise!

Woman of Brockley said...

It was great. Lovely beer too and very interesting talk. More power to their elbows!

mintness said...

Really enjoyed it too, both the talk and the drink. Thanks to all involved!

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