Two Angry Men - Part 1: Brockley Station

Today's first angry man is Chris, who writes:

Please can you run a story about how the people at Brockley Station now both close the barriers and lock the gate from 9pm at Brockley station east side, so everyone, (disabled, luggaged, pushchaired, or bicycled) has to go up the stairs (ironically past the leaflets entitled ‘making rail accessible’). 

It may stop fare-jumpers who go through the gate, but it would not be necessary if they kept someone on the barriers. The long-suffering staff hate it and encourage people to complain – but that is not enough; so over to you. 

Chris is right, it's annoying. Though of course, public services are under pressure to find savings, so not paying people to stand by a gate may be one of the more palatable measures. What say you, Brockley?