Two Angry Men* - Part 2: Brockley Police Station

Knight Frank have listed the former Brockley Police Station for sale, noting that it's a sui generis use class, which means that any developer that buys it will have to justify whatever use they propose to put it to. Most likely, someone will try to turn it into flats, although, as we've argued before, this is a rare opportunity to do something different in Brockley and it would be lovely if Lewisham Council encouraged a developer to include office or leisure uses within the quarter-acre site.

Yv Greav has gone one-further and launched a petition, arguing that it should not be sold at all. She writes:

Brockley Police Station is being sold on. This classical building once a place of the community is in danger of passing onto transient property developers. We need to save this building and preserve it for the local community. 

There are lots of pubs, betting shops, fast food restaurants in Brockley, but nothing no large centre for the whole community to take care of their health. We urgently need a gym. There are lots of new big properties being built in the area such as in front, behind and beside the station. 

Brockley will look very different in 5 and 10 years time, however this all appears quite individually focused nothing is opening up to support the health of the community. 

*We've belatedly realised that Yv is a woman, which renders today's Two Angry Men theme farcical. Sorry.