The Jam Circus restoration

330-332 Brockley Road, SE4 2BT 
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Local blogger Kaja Emilie Berg has interviewed the manager of Jam Circus about her plans to restore the reopened pub's place at the heart of the community. She writes:

Fire broke out in the popular Brockley pub last year, due to electrical wiring problems. The pub’s manager, Rose Hanison (28), says it was a big job getting the place back in shape.

“We would have opened it a lot sooner, but we had a lot of different bits and pieces to do. The fire was so extensive and it took us a very long time to clean and get everything set up again,” she explains.

The pub’s got a warm feel to it and hints of vintage style with furniture from different time periods and authentic details, such as old board games and lamps.

“We haven’t actually changed that much in the style and look. The wallpaper and furniture is a bit different. But the general feeling of the pub is the same as before,” Hanison says.
Hanison says the fact that the pub is loved among locals was a motivation for reopening. “Jam Circus has always been known as a community based pub. The support on Facebook and Twitter since we reopened has been humbling.”

Jam Circus are planning to bring back the evenings and events from before the fire. The popular Pub Quiz as well as Cabaret nights where comedians, poets, writers and so on will be able to perform in an informal space, is on the agenda.

“The plans are to eventually expand a third more on the size and have a function room and a dining room at the back. This might happen in January,” Hanison reveals.

Hanison would also like the space to be used by locals if anyone needs a room for workshops.

“One of my dreams for the pub is to make it a creative space for the area. I’m open for people in the community to come to me and tell me what they want to do with the space, and if it works for us we are very happy to get it going.”

The pub also just had a brand new coffee machine fitted, for those in need of a relaxing atmosphere during the day.

“We’ll be a café and lunch area during the day time, a pub and a restaurant at night time and during the weekends we’ll give you a good party time.”

You can read Kaja's blog here.


Party animal said...

Fantastic! Great news for customers who really missed the Jam during its long closure. The expansion to add a function room is a nice surprise. I think the staff at the other pubs and restaurants in the area will also appreciate unwinding at the Jam Circus after hours. The place to see a few familiar faces.

brockley girl said...

it would be really nice to have a few sofas too if poss. i went last weekend and although it is great to see the jam circus up and running again it didn't quite have the same cosy atmosphere as before. looked very bare. still looking forward to coming back soon though. ideally once the kitchen re-opens.

Gareth said...

Great to see the place up and running, always have great beer on tap.

Happy Local said...

I was there on Friday and it was great to be back there. I am looking forward to when they start doing food again as well.

Only slight gripe - it would have been nice if they had sorted out there loos. They are still terrible and really smelly - need updating and a big makeover - any chance of this happening?

Anonymous said...

I was there yesterday and thought the same. If anything, the gents are worse now than before the fire.

Michael said...

Glad it's back at last, but +1 about the loos; cold, damp, peeling. Some heating in general would be nice, too; hopefully the radiators will be connected to the pipes soon. Likewise the coffee machine.

And maybe some bar snacks could appear on the slightly leftfield menu? Was odd to have to ask for a 'special' of fries, given bone marrow is offered. I understand they've only just started to do food again, so as with the points above I'm putting this down to 'work in progress'.

On the + side, Brockley Brewery pale ale and golden are on tap, and Meantime pale ale too; spoilt for choice in the good beer stakes. And the late license till 1am on Fridays and Saturdays is back, and most welcome.

mark said...

Shame the "community base" doesn't include consideration for neighbours. For a late-night music venue to have no soundproofing, no ventilation (so doors are left open) plus late drinking outside shows a complete lack of concern. Why spend money when you can just inconvenience neighbours? Very disappointing.

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