Batwalk v Superanimals: Dusk of Justice

Leo lets us know about a couple of Blythe Hill events coming up.


Have you ever seen a bat on BHF? Apparently there are some, and it takes a bit of patience around dusk of a summer evening to spot them. We have the privilege of having Dr Iain Boulton of the London bat group come on Saturday, June 7th to take us on a bat walk.

We need to keep to 25 places, so please register here to book a place. Children are welcome, but they count as a 'person' if they can in front of the playground at 9.15pm. Bat detectors will be provided..Register for the June 7th Bat walk here.


Have you ever thought that animals outnumber us in our city by many many times…many species have adapted themselves admirably to a human-centred environment, and we live around them all the time.
Come and see 'An Unnatural History of London' at the Blythe Hill Tavern on Friday June 20th, hosted by the Friends of Blythe Hill Fields People and Wildlife group. All welcome, 8pm upstairs.


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Danja said...

I was sitting in my back garden with a beer watching bats darting around at dusk last weekend. First time this year, but that says more about when I sit out there at dusk than what they get up to.

maisie_moo said...

I love seeing bats flying around in the dusk - I've seen them in my garden (near the southern end of Tressillian Rd) several times, though not so far this year. Must keep an eye out.

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