Brockley: Great People, Great Cheese

Blackwoods Cheese Company is a cheese-maker based in Brockley Cross. We've been waiting for the appropriate time to celebrate their presence in our midst, and the time is now. Vikki tips us off about the fact that Hawksmoor has started using Brockley cheese in their Seven Year Steak Sandwiches. Hawksmoor gushes:

Richard Sandiford, Head Chef at Guildhall, has come up with an awesome version that we had to get on to the menu: rib-eye steak, Graceburn cream cheese (made by the amazing Blackwoods Cheese Company in Brockley), watercress and lots of fresh horseradish.
Click here for more about Blackwoods.


Headhunter said...

Their cheese is lovely, I've tasted it a few times at Brockley Market... Usually by the Stichelton though

anon said...

Nice work! Would love to check it out some time - any openings for cheese tasting, etc?

Impressive. Most impressive. said...

Right - that's it - if it's endorsed by Hawksmoor then it's definitely worth consideration. I love just abut everything they do. I'm in.

Hugh said...

Nice sandwich but don't they have plates?

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