Student accommodation plan for The Walpole

The owners of the steaming pile of rubble formerly known as The Walpole (403-405 New Cross Road) have changed their minds about about building a hotel there and submitted an application for a "part 4 and part 5 storey building with basement for 60 student rooms and communal facilities at part basement, part ground and upper levels including commercial use (A4) at ground floor and car and cycle spaces." The building is little changed from the previous plans.

It always seemed an unlikely location for a hotel of this scale and specifications, so to the extent that this is a more plausible use for the building, it is reassuring that they actually intend to do something with the site. But it's hugely irritating that The Walpole was allowed to be destroyed on the basis of a plan so incredible that the developers had a change of heart while the dust was still settling on its ruins.


MalcolmB said...

I wondered about the viability of the hotel from day one, although there must be a few reasonably well-off parents of students at Goldsmiths who want to visit their children and not go to a local B&B, the White Hart or the Travelodge at Deptford Bridge. Generally hotel accommodation anywhere near a university seems to be hard to find when you want it and they don't have that much choice around here. I guess they all stay in Greenwich or Central London and travel.

The owners of the Hatcham Liberal Club in Queen's Road have put in a planning application for flats rather than the original proposal for a hotel as well. Interestingly however, they cite the allowed permission for the hotel at the Walpole as a reason for not going ahead with their scheme presumably as there would not be room for two!

Gold said...

Goldsmiths doesn't seem to be short of eyesores that could be torn down and developed into student halls. But I suppose that would make too much sense.

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