iMoves in to Brockley

Upgrade your Brockley growth forecasts, the Tea Factory has finally found a tenant for its biggest unit. And of course, it's an estate agent:

The leading indicator of an area being on-the-up is the number of 20-something female joggers who can be seen on its streets: Joggers are aspirational types, which means they probably have the money and inclination to spend locally. That they're female means the area feels reasonably safe. That they are 20-something means they are probably too old to be students and too young to have a family - in which case, they not just in the area because they settled for whatever was available - they've made an active choice to be here.

The number of 20-something female joggers in Brockley and New Cross has exploded in recent years.

The lagging indicator is the number of estate agents kicking around. And iMove is one of a resurgent army of flat-floggers in the area.