Brockley Ward Hustings, May 15th

7pm, Brockley Social Club, 240 Brockley Road

Clare Cowen writes:

Meet the candidates, ask questions about the big issues affecting Brockley Ward – all Brockley residents welcome. Candidates from Labour, the Greens, Liberal Democrats, Conservatives, People before Profit, the Trade Union Coalition and UKIP have been invited. They will introduce themselves and tell us what they would do for Brockley. Then the questions will begin – it should be a lively evening! The bar will be open during the event.



BXAG said...

A bit more info about this, every party standing except for the Lib Dems*, has at least one candidate speaking, TUSC have a representative.

So that's Roger for the Conservatives, Violeta for the Greens, Jimi & Jon from Labour, Toby from Lewisham People Before Profit, James- party rep from Trade Union & Socialist Coalition and Ken from UKIP.

* we really hope this changes, Lib Dems please get in touch.

John Hamilton said...

Thanks for the publicity, Clare.
It's a shame there isn't a proper Mayoral hustings this time round, anywhere in Lewisham.
You might like to mention that Lewisham People Before Profit is hosting an EU Election Hustings next Monday, 19th May, at Hill Station Cafe at 8.30pm. We aren't standing in the EU elections and would like to hear particularly from some of the smaller parties who are against the TTIP treaty which threatens the NHS and which is being negotiated at the moment by the EU.
This will follow on from our own meeting for people to meet LPBP candidates and question them which starts at 7.30pm.
Licensed bar.

John Hamilton, LPBP Mayoral Candidate

Anon said...

Won't it be the same old tosh, Who's ever speaking will trash the rest and promise to this or that but most of the time be negative. YAWN.

Maybe a lie detector attached to each candidate would be a good option.

PeoplesAssemblySEL said...

There are £95 million worth of cuts heading our way in Lewisham. What does 'hard decisions to be made' mean for council services?

Why haven't the Labour controlled council kicked up a public stink about this and fought such cuts coming to a relatively deprived borough as Lewisham is?

Labour have pledged to get 500 council homes by 2018, is this a Nick Clegg style pledge or will it really happen? How will it get funded?
Outsourcing council works, how's that working out with Skanska?
Lewisham Hospital may have won the fight not to get officially downgraded but have you been there recently? The cuts are biting hard.

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