11 feet wide, £490,000 steep

Last week, a 7-feet-wide house in Haringay made headlines when it was put on the market for a mere £235,000. Now, a house in Brockley that's less than twice as wide is on the market for twice as much - and it doesn't even exist yet. If you want this baby, you have to buy off-plan.

This two-bed, 11-feet-wide, house on Revelon Road is currently under construction, with a due-date of January 2015 and a price tag of £490,000. It's actually pretty cute and, like Manor Avenue's Invisible House, it's a smart use of space.

It's romantic to live in a slightly ramshackle world where not every square inch has been optimised, but it's better to find smart ways of providing new homes for Londoners.