A new butcher for Ladywell - feedback needed

Callum is a former colleague of Brockley Central's and is planning to open a new butcher in Ladywell. With the re-launch of Crofton Park butcher Peter James imminent, he wants to know the good folk of Ladywell want. He writes:

I live in Ladywell, with my girlfriend who’s a lifelong Ladywell resident - and I love food. Particularly meat! 

I want to improve the quality of meat available to Ladywell. I want to open a small butcher's specialising in helping people improve their meals – from Sunday roasts to sandwiches – by supplying wonderfully cared for meat at fair prices with advice on how to get the most flavour and value out of each cut. 

So I can make a Ladywell butcher's a reality, I need to understand what Ladywell wants from a butchers. I have put together a short online survey, which I’d be delighted if you could take five minutes to complete. 

To complete the survey, please visit, https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ladywellbutchersshop-bc

Thank you!