New nights at The Talbot

The Talbot's reinvention as a pub that does more than simply exist continues. Back in 2009, it was rescued from seemingly terminal decline and turned into a handsome pub with a decent kitchen. Then it stopped.

It seemed like the owners felt like they had done the hard work by raising the finance and fixing the wiring and the plumbing. It never quite made the leap from pleasant place to sit for a while to community hub, like The Royal Albert, The Orchard or Jam Circus. Recently, however, things have begun to change. First. Little Nan brought a bit of showmanship to the upper floor and then a new owner, Lesley Shearer, took over.

We tried it out for the first time since her reign began a couple of weekends ago and were impressed by the early signs. It feels fresher, friendlier and more personal. She's also intent on hosting more events and has announced two new regular nights:

- Tuesday is Quiz night, starting at 8pm
- Wednesday is Irish Folk Music night, starting at 8.30pm

More change is coming, but it's good to see The Talbot seems to be in safe hands.