Police Station plans opposed by neighbours

Today is the last day to comment on the plans to redevelop Brockley Police Station. The developer that has acquired the site has applied to convert it to flats, preserving the exterior but adding a row of small houses. Some local residents are opposed to the plan and are asking other locals to object. Gavin writes:

We're collectively objecting as the houses just aren't in character with the area and street, it will effect us through loss of light as well as creating a real strain on the existing parking in the area - which is already pretty saturated - often used by the garage as overspill as well as commuters parking here to use the Overground.

It feels like another clumsy piece of urban planning where the aesthetic of the streets in Brockley is slowly eroded with lazy design and lack of consideration.

I think part of what makes Brockley an attractive place to live is the way it looks, and developments like the new flats in and around John Stainer School area for example are eroding this fast. I'm not sure exactly how this would become a thread but if you could highlight the fact that any planning objections need to be submitted via the Lewisham Planning Department portal today. It is application No. DC/14/88272.