This year's model

Lewisham's #Modelmarket celebrated its final weekend with queues that stretched round the block and a deluge of misty-eyed tweets from locals.

Like Brockley Market before it, it has enjoyed a degree of success that undercut the cynics, surprised even the optimists, proved the level of local demand and demonstrated the extraordinary commitment of hipsters, always willing to travel across London to find a new place to eat pulled pork.

Its immediate legacy will be a permanent new roof top venue in Lewisham, opening next month [EDIT: They've just said on Twitter that it's now not going to open until early next year]. It has also established a precedent, showing that there will be more to post-Gateway Lewisham than simply rabbit hutches for commuters.

With thanks to Karen.


Marshall Manson said...

A true gem. Any word on whether it will be back next year?

Tressilly said...

It was amazing: Visited many times with kids, workos, mates and wife. Ate and drank myself stupid. Nearly lost my satchel to a fire pit. Lost count of the number of times the missus told me, "This is the best thing ever to happen in Lewisham!", whilst trying to get a picture that would capture the buzz (not possible).

arnold said...

the best thing for a 'satchel' probably is a 'fire pit'

Tressilly said...

Relax, Arnie it's a laptop bag, not an urban warrior hipster courier piece like you secretly covet to go with your beard and single speed

Tressilly said...

Whilst we're being mature the best thing for 'your head' probably is a 'toilet'

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