Brockley bids for Street Art Festival

As we reported in July, Londonist is looking for a neighbourhood to host the Global Street Art Festival next year. Brockley's been nominated by a local resident and is shortlisted among the big dogs, including Walthamstow, Poplar, Leyton, Stoke Newington and Streatham.

Brockley's pitch by Ian is as follows:

The Brockley/Crofton Park/Honor Oak Park/neighbourhoods of Lewisham in south east London would really benefit from some exceptional street art. The community is diverse, independent-minded, and supportive of the local arts scene. 

Some corners of these neighbourhoods are beginning to thrive due to some great community initiatives but some corners would certainly be improved by inspired mural work. It would certainly be appreciated here more than in some London areas! 

Essentially, I’m proposing art on a strip that runs through three interconnected neighbourhoods — along Brockley Road, from the Brockley Overground, through Crofton Park, to the bottom of Honor Oak Park. Much of the area off this drag is residential and the art would really create a unifying aesthetic on this main road.

Click here to cast your vote. Voting closes on the 12th. If Greater Brockley works together, we can do this.