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Liam posted an update to the Coulgate Street consultation story, which deserves its own thread. The plans to improve Coulgate Street that have been put forward by the Council feature a number of measures to tidy the street up, but stop short of the more ambitious schemes many people had been hoping for, with no shared surface element.

Liam responded to the consultation and updates us. He says:

I asked three questions.

1. Why are you not pedestrianising Coulgate Street?
2. Where are all the cars that normally park on Coulgate Street going to park?
3. Can we have easier access for prams etc?

Here is the Council officer's response:

We are still open to ideas regarding the use of Coulgate Street. "Pedestrianisation" means different things to different people but any scheme that we implement will have to allow for some vehicle access to and from Coulgate Street. Apart from Coulgate Street's residents, business premises, including Network Rail and London Overground, need vehicle access for deliveries and maintenance purposes. The Council also needs to be able to collect the refuse each week. We also have to consider those disabled people who need to be able to reach the station's entrance with a minimum of inconvenience. Having said that, I am sure that we will be able to come to some compromise that will satisfy most, if not all, of Brockley's residents.

If we exclude parked vehicles from Coulgate Street then their owners will of course have to make alternative arrangements. Our thoughts on this are that Brockley's streets are already at or near capacity so there is very little spare, kerbside space for any vehicles that are displaced from Coulgate Street. It is likely therefore that, since the majority of these vehicles are owned by commuters, many will change their commuting routes. The only comprehensive solution to the problems created by commuter parking is permit-only parking, by way of a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ). The Council intends to consult on a possible CPZ in Brockley during the Summer months of 2016.

Finally, yes we will be dropping kerbs at various locations to improve access for pushchairs, wheelchairs and mobility scooters.


Gu Est said...

CPZ needed sooner than 2016

stasaph said...

Exactly. It's absolutely shocking. People are just using anywhere within 0.5 mile of Brockley station as a car park.

Andy Scorgie said...

Dear god not a CPZ they are a bloody nuisance people in Coulgate street will be at each others throats and the council will make money from it. If a CPZ coms in everyone will regret it, I know I used to live in one!!

pedestrian said...

Coulgate st is not very long and seems to be used as a convenient parking space for local companies for their large commercial vehicles as well as commuters.

I am wondering whether the number of a vehicles likely to be displaced is very significant in the scheme of things. The benefits of pedestrianisation are very clear, temporary space for deliveries and drop offs are a reasonable compromise.

CPZ arguments are another issue.

Doug said...

CPZ or not, Ace Van shouldn't be parking their vans all over Brockley.

Headhunter said...

I agree, please, please no CPZ....

Andy Scorgie said...

I agree Ace vans are rather like cancer!!

petty said...

they aren't in any way like cancer, they are simply vehicles legally parked on the street

Liam said...

OK I responded to John at the council, to find out how we can push for our ideas to be considered. Here is there repsonse:

Hello Liam,

Just keep those emails coming. If you have any ideas or suggestions then don't keep them to yourselves, please send them in to our Traffic email address. We are open to suggestions up until the closure date on Friday. It is important that local residents don't rely upon the Brockley Central blog. We don't refer to that because all of the contributions there are anonymous. The blog is great for exchanging ideas etc but it serves no purpose in our consultation.



anon said...

I take it these are all people who live further than a few hundred metres from the station. Living inside this radius is a nightmare!

putty said...

it is nothing like cancer, they are legally parked vehicles

Quack Quack said...

I raised the following questions (Lewisham's response follows):
1. Is the Traffic Department working with the Council Departments responsible for Planning, Regeneration and Urban Design? If not, why not?
2. Is a professional Landscape Architect part of the design team? If not, why not?
3. What is the rationale for providing parking along Coulgate Street? Have you considered an option that removes all parking but allows access for station pick up and drop off, and refuse and servicing access only?
4. What happens if a cyclist exiting the station wants to turn north towards Brockley Cross - a key desire line. This movement cannot be accommodated as designed.
5. Do you think a segregated contra flow cycle lane is really necessary within a space that should really be shared equally (as way of calming traffic) by all modes. The proposal seems to be overly complicated in its attempt at controlling and segregating different modes and different movements.
6. The commercial units and the station need to be adequately serviced, but do you think the commercial uses would benefit more space being allocated to footways (with the opportunity to use that space during different times of the day) rather than provided for car parking? See evidence from Copenhagen.
7. The streets within a few minute walk of the station are being used as as a park and ride. This is not consistent with government policy on promoting sustainable travel behaviour. Why is a CPZ only being consulted on 2016 and not before?
1) Officers working on traffic-related schemes do so within the Resources/Regeneration Directorate. The Council's Planning Department is not responsible for works on the Public Highway. That responsibility lies with the Highway Authority. The Council does not have an "Urban Design" team as such.
2) No, I regret that both of our landscape architect posts were deleted from our structure, as a cost saving measure, in October 2011.
3) The current proposal is completely open to suggestions. We will seriously consider any option that the local community prefers with regard to parking on Coulgate Street, including the options that you have described.
4) With the current design we would expect cyclists to access Brockley Cross via Foxberry Road.
5) We have suggested a contra-flow cycle lane because, from past experience, that is what Lewisham's cyclists usually insist upon when streets revert to 1- way working. The short section of Coulgate Street between Foxberry Road and Brockley Road is an example of this. Neither are or will be segregated as such but the signs and carriageway markings help to dispel any misunderstanding that other road users may have regarding the legality of cyclists heading the "wrong" way down a 1-way street.
6) Yes, that is a possibility that we can explore. We are happy to amend the current design if that is what the local community prefers.
7) The Council prioritises its consultations on controlled parking zones in accordance with the number of requests that are received from members of the public. I am told by the parking service that relatively few requests have been received in recent years from the Brockley community. That is why the Brockley area is currently low down on the list.

Rhymer said...

I used to live in one too. It was great. I now live a minute's walk from the station. I would love a CPZ.

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