#Newisham: Living the desk-bed dream

Validation! Lewisham's reputational journey from scruffy, dangerous backwater to super-connected, hashtag-branded hipster haunt is complete!

Time Out's regular series of depressing stories from the London housing market has reached SE13 with this desk-bed, yours to rent in Lewisham for only £74 a week. They say:

Who needs wardrobes, a bedside table or floor space? Here’s an opportunity to de-clutter your life entirely by sleeping on a desk in Lewisham for just £74 per week, including bills. You also get a wifi box and a mattress as part of this sweet deal. 

An advert for the desk went up on property website Spareroom last week, with the landlord stating that renters will share the house with five ‘easygoing people from Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, and Portugal’.