Factory-built home plan for Ladywell baths [UPDATED]

Another bit of residential experimentation in Ladywell. The News Shopper reports that Lewisham Council is considering installing factory-built temporary housing on the site of the former Ladywell baths, while they draw up long-term plans for the site. The units would be semi-portable and low-cost.

The Council promises they won't look anything like the units in this photo from the Shopper
The Shopper says:

Lewisham Council is considering the move - thought to be the first of its kind - at a meeting next week.

The innovative pilot scheme would see 24 housing units blocked together, with four retail, commercial or civic spaces beneath, on the old Ladywell Leisure Centre site.

Ideas for the units below the housing include a meeting space, an "enterprise hub" or a "21st century library" with a 3D printer.

Once the units have been used in Ladywell, they could then be re-deployed elsewhere in the borough, across a number of different sites if necessary, or even given a different use.

Details here.

UPDATE: The Council adds:

If the idea is approved on 22 October then the Council would move forward with a formal tendering process with the aim of awarding a contract early in 2015. New homes could then be ready for occupation in autumn 2015.