Le So Over It

Deptford Dame has spotted that the LeSoCo brand has met an undignified end. From now on, you can call it by a proper name - Lewisham Southwark College.

The LeSoCo name was created when Lewisham and Southwark Colleges merged, but proved to be as popular as Consignia and has been consigned to the dustbin of local history.

The branding consultancy they used, Elmwood, used to count BC amongst its clients, and they are a good bunch of designers, but they are better at making something old look sparkling than they are at creating something from scratch. This was not their best work and deserved to be dumped. Also, maroon?!

The Dame notes:

Since the rebrand things have not gone well. Ofsted gave the merged college an 'inadequate' grade at the start of this year, and in June, principal Maxine Room 'stepped down' to be replaced by interim consultant principal Ioan Morgan.