Restaurants, offices, shops and workshops available at The Deptford Project

The Deptford Project opens next year. Image courtesy of 7-t.
The Deptford Project - once a train carriage-cafe, now a building site, soon to be a major new mixed use development - is due for completion in Autumn 2015 and the commercial premises are now being advertised on the developer's website

The project should be transformative for Deptford and the space that will be created is huge. The units now available include:

- Seven Commercial Units in the Octavius Street building (840sq ft-1900 sq ft each) Uses. A1, A2, A3, B1, B8, D1 All first floor units will be accessed from the restored Grade II listed carriage ramp via linked foot bridges.

- Two Restaurants (circa 2500 sq ft each) located on the ground floor of the St Paul's House element of the scheme. Both restaurants will feature outdoor seating areas.

- Fourteen Arch Space Workshops (circa 25.6 sqm each) Uses A1, A2, A3, B1, B8, D1 All arches will have sympathetic brick restoration work; the internal demise will have exposed brickwork (treated with a protective resin) in order to preserve the character of the Grade II listed heritage structure.

Local entrepreneurs interested in applying should contact


Deptford rebooted? said...

I've walked past the site a few times, it is very big. It could transform the fortunes of Deptford High St and give it a much needed boost. Goodness knows, it needs something.

anonymous said...

Lets hope it turns out as good as it looks in the picture. I think they should allow for more places to eat and drink. That would attract a lot more locals down there. It would be amazing if it was turned into a permanent food venue. The other retail spaces and workshops would benefit from the additional footfall. 2 restaurants doesn't sound like a lot.

anon said...

Remember though, that this:
Became this:

property speculator said...

Yes, looking at the current shops in Deptford High St, it would appear that the most viable businesses are betting shops and pound shops. Eight betting shops and a wide selection of 99p and pound shops. Which chains are missing and are currently expanding? Cheap supermarkets perhaps? Aldi and Lidl have announced major expansions. Maybe this development will get one if it is big enough.....1900feet. I guess a convenience store might fit.

anonymouse said...

Maybe the anchor could be sited here? The flats have all been sold to a Hong Kong company.

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