The embattled of Algiers

A short-cut used by people to walk between Algiers Road and Greatfield Close in Ladywell is being shut off for no good reason (motorbikes and mopeds occasionally sneak through, so pedestrians have to pay the price), annoying residents who are going to be forced to walk the long way. Sara explains:

At issue is a gate in a high metal fence that was always open to pedestrians, and will now be welded shut. It crosses a paved foot path leading from near the top of the U made by Algeirs & Veda, through to Greatfield Close, enabling one to get to Adelaide Road or Eastern Road without having to walk down Vicars and through Ladywell Village. 

It is heavily used by school runs to Gordonbrock & Beecroft by those living on Vicars, Algiers & Veda. Personally I'd be gutted if it was shut off. With it, I can walk 2 small children to the doctors in 10 mins, or to school in 20. Without those would be 25 & 35.

The Greatfield Close estate is managed by Brockley PFI. A petition's been launched to stop the cut-through being cut-off. Click here to support it.


Robin Bray said...

I would be interested to know if the council's done an impact assessment on how closing this off would affect disabled & residents - making people go a longer way round can make a journey near-impossible for some.

lord rodgers said...

Look on an ordnance survey map to see if it is a public right of way - if not, you've had it.
Just another example of a foolish PFI contract entered into by the council that puts public land into private hands.

Headhunter said...

Brockley PFI companies seem to be total shysters... They seem to have no regard whatsoever for residents. Didn't Brockley PFI residents win some kind of victory against Regenter for excessive and unnecessary charges?

Robin Bray said...

Not sure where two of my words went...

It should say "disabled people & elderly residents"

anon said...

If it's private land you can't tell someone to open it so you can walk through. If it was your property you'd be the same

Vicar's Knickers said...

This is really annoying as I used this route to take my boys to school at St Mary Mags. I thought Councils were trying to get cars off the road and make people get off their backsides and walk. This petty mindedness is not helpful for what was not a problem

fragnurpapa said...

London Borough of
Lewisham’s Local Implementation Plan 2011 – 2031
Objective: Reduced car dependency and a shift to more sustainable travel -
walking and cycling”

“Outcomes: Improved network of cycling and walking routes ...”

So what are the Borough Councillors and Officers doing now, I wonder???

Vicar's Knickers said...

Judging by the increased traffic in Ladywell, the Council has no intention of shifting people from cars to walking and cycling. If they were serious then several roads in the area would be no-go's or one way as most of Telegraph Hill is.
This is a major problem not just of pollution which I can see on the outside of my house every week, but also of the danger of allowing children to cross roads that are full of cars.
The roads in our area were not designed for this amount of traffic and the failure of road planning in Central Lewisham has been a disaster for the surrounding area.

Anonymous said...

I live in the top end of Algiers road and would also be impacted by the potential closure of the gate which I also often use as a short cut.

Living close to the gate the only time I hear or see scooters going through is during the day and not at night. From my experience the only thing that seems to occur at night is the fly tipping on the Algiers side of the wall. The reason I am posting this as anon though is that on some occasions and especially during the summer people do tend to congregate on the street outside the gate on the Algiers side of the road. Having to walk pass or through these groups can be very intimidating at times (I should say they have never bothered me directly). I don’t know how effective closing the gate would be in stopping this, but if it at least deters them from hanging about in the area than I would be more than happy for it to be wielded shut regardless of the inconvenience caused.

(fyi I linked into the petition page and there was a note that police had been consulted about the closure. A few weeks back there was a lot of traffic with people sitting in their cars on the Algiers side and others coming back and forth on foot from Greatfield close. This was going on for a few days until the police turned up in force and the cars stopped appearing. The gate was put up shortly after that).

Anon said...

Is removing 2-3metres off someone's garden regarded as an upgrade?

According to a proposed Council housing scheme existing occupiers have been told parking and their gardens will be 'upgraded' by removing 25 garages and storage sheds. These will be replaced by only 20 parking spaces which will be provided by significantly reducing the size of gardens to accomadate a wider road nearer the properties. The storage units will be replaced by also plonking a shed the garden.

Nowhere in the glossy brochure does it state what the 'upgrade' actually means, one has to look closely at drawings which contain no measurements.

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