Brockley rocks London's cheap eats scene

Time Out is asking Londoners to help it create the Top 100 "Cheap Eats" options in London and at the time of writing, Brockley is dominating the Top 10, with Brockley Market at Number One and Meze Mangal at Number Four.

Voting's a piece of cake, so please back Brockley business here.

With thanks to Marshall for the heads-up.


Tyrwhitt Michael said...

Brockley Market pipped tp the top spot by an Afghan restaurant in Kilburn, ended up second. Meze Mangal came sixth.

Guest said...

Not quite sure how a restaurant having 77 up votes and 86 down votes ended up higher than one receiving 712 up votes and 384 down votes. Makes one question the algorithm used by Ranker. Ariana II is pretty good tho.

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