Lovelock: The Subletter Hypothesis

Studio Lovelock is design company that recently relocated from Shoreditch to Dragonfly Place in Brockley Cross. They are currently looking for someone who wants to rent some of their desk space. Joe Lovelock explains:

"Brockley proved to be the perfect spot for us. It’s still really well connected to town so we don’t feel isolated but we’ve been able to get our hands on an amazing space. There’s a really nice vibe to the area, far calmer and less pretentious than Shoreditch, but still a nice energy.

"We’re looking forward to being more part of a community and hopefully getting involved in some of the great things that are going on around here.

"When we originally looked around we were surprised not to find more office spaces available around here. I get the sense there’s a lot of creative freelancers in the area. That in part was the motivation to get a bigger space than we needed. Renting out a few desks seemed like a great way to meet others and establish a creative environment above beyond what we do."

Click here to check out the space.