Brockley Street Art Festival team bids for Assembly funding

Tomorrow night, the Brockley Street Art Festival team are making a bid for Assembly funding, to help make the event as successful as possible.

Since Brockley was chosen as the venue for the Global Street Art Festival last year, a small group of local residents has been working hard to secure more than 20 signatures from local businesses and landlords who are providing spaces for art works. They are now bidding for £2,500 to help pay for the costs of the event. They say:

"We have secured collaboration with some excellent local, national and international mural artists, and we have plenty of partners interested in running talks, workshops and other events. We'll need the council funds to pay for all of this, and so we really hope we can count on BC readers' support."

The Brockley Assembly meets tomorrow at 7pm at the Leander Centre, Ship Street, SE8 4DH. In terms of bangs-per-buck, this seems like a good use of public art funding.