Catford Bridge Tavern owners say fire changes nothing

Solitaire, the owners of the Catford Bridge Tavern, which suffered a fire during renovation work over the weekend, have confirmed that they still intend to reopen the pub as soon as possible. In the aftermath of the blaze, they issued a statement saying:

Last night, the fire brigade attended a fire at The Catford Bridge Tavern. The fire was extinguished and no-one was hurt. The LFB web site notes that they weren't treating the incident as suspicious.

Everyone working on restoring the pub is pleased that no-one was injured in this unfortunate incident. 

Michael Nicholas from Solitaire Restaurants, owner of The Catford Bridge Tavern, notes: 'We’re not in a position to comment on the fire, but we are working to ensure that the site is safe and secure. Our intention has always been to reopen the pub and nothing has changed in that regard.'

The fact that the owners have so publicly committed to restoring the pub is as refreshing as it is reassuring.