The Tower: Would suit buyer who really, REALLY likes art deco

We're obviously missing something about Lewisham and / or the London property market, but you can now apply to buy a flat next to Europe's largest police station and opposite the shopping centre for a price between £900,000 and £3m. The developers of Tower House have dared to dream.

The website now asks for you to register your interest, with prices starting at £900,000.

One day, Lewisham may be bijou, able to command prices that would make eyes water in Battersea, but that day is decades away - at least 10 years after the arrival of the Bakerloo Line. For now, it's a place with rough charm - a building site with a nice market, some great pop-ups and a swimming pool.

UPDATE: According to The News Shopper's Mark Chandler, this building is now a sell-out, although prices for studios started at £270,000.