Hard bodies, hard questions

Mourad is planning to open a gym in Brockley. He's gambling that all those BCers who constantly say they wish there was a local gym option aren't going to disappear faster than a New Year's resolution.

He's found a location and now wants to know what potential customers want from a local gym. He says:

We will be about 5 min south of Brockley station, closer to the "Brockley Mess" area. This is also a 6 min walk from Crofton Park [this is why Midtown is such a useful term, it could have saved Mourad a lot of words].

I can't say any more about the plans at this stage, but I have two questions for Brockley Central readers, I hope people can give feedback on in the comments section please:

  • I'd like to know whether or not people think this is a good location for them? Would people who live in Crofton Park be willing to come as well considering there are no car parks? 
  • What kind of classes do people want?