I like my bags like I like my postcodes: Cheerful and obvious

The Guardian's tote feature puts Brockley in the heart of London
When a Brockley tote bag makes it into the Guardian, that's a BC article right there. In a meditation on the appeal of tote bags, the Guardian's deputy fashion editor, Hannah Marriott writes:

Tote bags can signal your postcode with GPS-like accuracy. In Walthamstow, east London, it’s all about a William Morris Gallery tote or a Toy Library anniversary bag. 

Five miles south-west, in Highbury, you’re no one without a La Fromagerie sack. Another eight miles further south and “I heart Brockley” bags – inevitably made from organic Fairtrade cotton – are all the rage.

That Brockley bag would not win you friends with the fashion or the art crowd – it’s far too cheerful and way too obvious.

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