Paranhodu, 125 Lewisham Way

Friend of BC, Marshall, has written this review of Brockley's new Korean restaurant. He says:

Paranhodu has officially opened its doors on Lewisham Way, after completing a significant improvement of the space that formerly housed Kedar. Picking up on the theme of local favourites like Masala Wala in Brockley Cross, Paranhodu embraces the virtues of homestyle cooking, and offers a focused selection of Korean classics.

If you've never tried Korean, it's worth putting aside the tired cliches -- you know the ones -- and giving it a try. Korean manages to strike a wonderful balance between the subtle flavours of Japanese cooking and the bigger, bolder flavours of China.

On a Friday dinner visit, we tried kimchi, beef bulgogi, and barbecued aubergine. All were excellent, well spiced, and strongly flavoured. The dinner menu offered several other promising options and considerable choice for vegetarians. There were also standby Asian classics like chicken katsu, noodle soup, and pork ribs for anyone feeling a little less adventurous.

Service was friendly, welcoming, and passionate, if also reflecting an inexperience that's understandable given the restaurant's newness.

Paranhodu is putting a big focus on the lunch trade, a welcome development of a strip with too few good midday choices. They are offering quick all-in-one options that include a main dish and rice for about £6-7, as well as bulgogi burgers and a range of noodle soups and Korean stews.

Best of all, Paranhodu has managed to nail down its license for its opening, so beer, including an admirable Korean import, is available.

For the moment, the restaurant is focusing on its in-trade, and it's worth stopping by to see what the team have done to the wretched Kedar space. Fresh paint, new tables, and tasteful Korean art make it a pleasant place to have a bite. Takeaway is slated to launch in about 2 weeks.

All in all, Paranhodu is welcome addition to Lewisham Way, and definitely worth a try.