Lewisham and Brent share IT services to save £2m per year

Whenever the subject of frontline cuts to Council spending comes up on BC, someone argues that the Council should conduct a more aggressive efficiency drive, with shared services being the most obvious way to deliver savings. Today's announcement provides supporting evidence for both sides of the argument about Council efficiency. In a statement issued today, Lewisham Council says:

"Lewisham Council is to share information technology (IT) services with Brent Council from April 2016 in a deal that will see each council save £1m per year.

"Lewisham Council has chosen a shared solution with Brent Council as the best way to deliver an improved service at a reduced cost.

"Lewisham Council needs to update its existing IT infrastructure and to agree new arrangements to support that infrastructure. Lewisham Council’s current IT infrastructure and support is provided by Capita under a contract that expires on 1 April 2016."