The Lizards Within Us, Enclave Gallery

David Icke's line of defence was clear. When he said lizards, he really was referring to lizards. He was not talking about cockroaches, or amphibians in general, contrary to the suggestions mooted at the meeting in Vancouver, but Annunaki lizards, specifically, from the lower fourth dimension.
- Jon Ronson, Secret Rulers of the World

The fourFOLD collective is staging its last event at Deptford gallery Enclave (50 Resolution Way, Deptford SE8 4AL). They write:

The Lizards Within Us is a multi-sensory installation in which Phoebe Boswell uses film, drawing, sound, and interactive sculpture to examine how storytelling, nuance, and language aid our personal predilections towards belief.

Exhibition times are Thursday to Saturdays 12-6pm, until 27th November. There's a talk next Saturday 21st 4-6pm, plus a late night opening on the Friday 27th from 6-9pm.