Bonfire profanities

Smokey Satsuma writes:

At the risk of being incendiary (...) would it be possible to make an appeal against bonfires?

Brockleyites seem to be increasingly using them as a way to dispose of rubbish. One bonfire can create a huge amount of smoke, and for those of us without hermetically sealed windows and doors that leads to a house full of smoke and it stinks & exacerbates allergies & breathing problems.

Tonight we seem to have two and a large area is cloaked in smoke. (My little girl is currently asleep in a smoke smelling bedroom as a result of a bonfire up the road). Burning green matter & plastics seem to be a particular trend - both generating very smelly smoke (and carcinogenic in the case of plastics).

This area is in fact a smoke control zone, so even smoke coming from chimneys is supposed to be a no-no... Arguably this practice is basically fly-tipping rubbish into other people's air space, and on any view it's not appropriate in densely housed urban areas like Brockley. As green as Brockley is, it isn't the same as living in the countryside!

It would be great if you did feel able to raise this issue.  Our whole house still stinks from this evening's latest pyromaniac!