Council plans changes to rubbish collection

Joe has pointed me towards the SE23 forum, which has a discussion about the Council's plans to change refuse collection policies

The Council needs to deliver cost savings and is under pressure to improve its relatively poor recycling rate.

Following the recent public consultation "Let's Talk Rubbish", officers have recommended that the Mayor should:

1. Introduce a subscription service for garden waste collection at £60 a year
2. Cut non-food waste collection to a fortnightly service

The garden waste subscription service is an excellent idea. Fortnightly collection for non-food waste would mean it would take me until about April to clear my Christmas backlog of bottles and packaging.

What do you think?


mario said...

I think we're all on the same page on this one, as the garden waste collection is a great idea, whereas collecting the other rubbish on a fortnightly basis will simply make people's life a nightmare.

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