Goldsmiths charity fundraisers to play 12-hour Beethoven marathon

Goldsmiths writes:

Professional players and singers join music students from Goldsmiths, University of London to perform a non-stop 12-hour marathon of all nine Beethoven symphonies on Saturday 23 April, raising funds for Médecins Sans Frontières (UK).

Three conductors - Adrián Varela, Samuel Burstin and Holly Mathieson - will lead proceedings in the Great Hall at the university’s south east London campus.

Many of the musicians attempting the feat will be meeting for the first time shortly before they begin playing.

The event starts with Symphony No 1 at 9.30am and runs throughout the day, culminating in a performance of No 9 “The Choral” at 7.30pm with a massed choir and soloists.

In keeping with the day’s motto – that the world needs more art and less war – Beethoven’s life-affirming ‘big beast’ of an epic final symphony is about the triumphant union of mankind.

The evening performance of Symphony No 9 features non-Goldsmiths professional vocal soloists Joanne Roughton-Arnold (Soprano), Vanessa Heine (Alto), Ed Choo (Tenor) and Steve Kennedy (Bass).

Entry is free with a suggested donation to MSF on the day or via Justgiving and audience members are welcome to come and go throughout the day.

Registration for musicians to take part in all or part of the day is open until 20 April: email or

The event takes place in the Great Hall, Richard Hoggart. BuildingDoors open at 9am, music finishes around 10pm.