Support St Hilda's roof appeal

Steven writes:

St Hilda’s Church in Crofton Park, has been trying to raise a fund of £542,000 to replace their roof for the last 17 years and now desperately needs help to fill the £98,000 gap.

St Hilda’s has a potential funder in place to pay for their roof restoration work, but they need to show evidence of the role they play in our community, and they really need local residents like us to send letters of support for the funding. The deadline for letters to be received is April 30th.

As well as being a Church, St Hilda’s is a vital community hub, serving people of all faiths and beliefs in Crofton Park, and I’m sure  you will have attended events there, such as children’s parties, play groups, pilates or yoga groups, Christmas / Easter parties / Croftfest etc, and so will value their presence in the community.

If you'd like to show your support for the church, please write a letter with your name and contact details, explaining why St Hilda's is important to you and your community. These letters should be posted in the green post box by "the Crucifix Door" and / or be emailed to


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