New residential proposal for Brockley Cross

The team that has been trying to redevelop the car lot in Brockley Cross is back with a new proposal. This one is for:

The demolition of buildings on the site of 1 -1a Brockley Cross SE4 and the construction of a part two/part three storey building comprising a commercial unit, 3, one bedroom and 1, two bedroom self contained flats together with the provision of bin and bicycle stores.

Each previous iteration has been slightly less poor than the one before and this design continues that trend. The number of units has been reduced, improving the massing. However, it's still a pretty weak offering for a prominent site. That's perhaps not surprising, given that the planning statement reads like a GCSE design project:

We respect the fact that Brockley Cross is the gateway to the Brockley Conservation Area and to this end we have positioned our cylindrical design feature to announce this.

The Change in cladding material from masonry to Cedar and Hardwood not only reflects the historic Woodland but also the meaning in the name ` Brockley ` [No news yet on whether the interiors will be badger-hide]

The vertical attenuation of the cylindrical feature with Cedar and hardwood post cladding is to give thought to the tall grouping of tress that once featured on the site and the changing time that we live in today in regards to sustainability and renewable sources of energy....

Design of Buildings are like statements of Art,……. some will love it,….. others will hate it, but what is fundamental is the recognition that the form and function is suitable for its purpose.

The Art of the building is subjective.

When certain bodies and individual try to impose their individual tastes and dislikes and a level of non-constructive criticism in order to pander to their own ego ,….. then the essence of conversation is lost and the subject is swayed off course. 

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but so far, the designs this team have come up have been met with universal derision. This one is only a modest improvement over its predecessors. This site should be developed, but only with a high-quality design - particularly given that the parade of shops and cafes at Brockley Cross is increasingly successful.

To view the proposal and comment before the closing date of April 14, click here. Thanks to Jon for the heads up.