Brockley Road designated London's first neighbourhood Safe Space

The Brockley Road pilot will be the first of its kind 
Lewisham has been selected as the first local authority to implement a new neighbourhood Safe Space scheme. The pilot project will focus on the stretch of Brockley Road between Brockley Cross and Adelaide Avenue.

During the month of April, co-ordinators will work with local shops to remove any signs or advertising that could be considered triggering, while police and traffic wardens will have the power to issue on-the-spot fines for microaggressions.

Local retailers will also be asked to avoid selling any products that could promote cultural appropriation, including costumes and fashion accessories. Meanwhile, food hygiene inspectors will work with local restaurants and takeaways to ensure that dishes meet recognised standards of authenticity.

Researchers from a consortium of British, American, Canadian and Swedish universities will study the impact of the project on a variety of social justice indicators before the scheme's international roll-out later this year.

A Council spokesperson said:

"We're determined that Lewisham should be on the right side of history. It's 2016 and problematic ideas and opinions have no place on our streets. It's the Council's job to create a place of comfort and social justice. Brockley Road's relative lack of harmful historic statues or monuments makes it an ideal location for this pilot, although an audit of local street art will be carried out as part of the research."

For further information about the project or to volunteer as a community inspector, click here.


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